WordPress Plugins dritte Runde

Es ist wieder so weit, ich stelle meine derzeitig verwendeten WordPress-Plugins mit kurzer Beschreibung vor.Dabei sollte man natürlich bedenken, dass eine große Anzahl an Plugins das Sicherheitsrisiko erheblich steigern. Soweit Funktionieren alle Plugins mit WordPress 2.5 oder werden noch dahin gehend optimiert.

  • [+] Feed By Frank Bueltge, Version: 4.31 Extends the feed! A report of copyright, a digital fingerprint and the IP of the feed reader can be added. In addition, some search engines are scanned for the digital fingerprint in order to find possible content theft. The feed can be also be supplemented with comments and topic-relevant contributions. The complete RSS feed can be delivered even if the <– more –> tag is used in WP 2.1+. It is possible to view related post using the plugin Simple Tagging or Simple Tags.
  • [+] Admin Drop Down Menu By Ozh, Version: 2.0.2 Replaces admin menus with a CSS dropdown menu bar. Saves lots of clicks and page loads! For WordPress 2.5+
  • [+] All in One SEO Pack By uberdose, Version: Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog.
  • [+] cforms II By Oliver Seidel, Version: 8.1 cforms II offers unparalleled flexibility in deploying contact forms across your blog. Features include: comprehensive SPAM protection, Ajax support, Backup & Restore, Multi-Recipients, Role Manager support, Database tracking and many more.
  • [+] Dean’s Permalinks Migration By Dean Lee, Version: 1.0 With this plugin, you can safely change your permalink structure without breaking the old links to your website,and even doesn’t hurt your google pagerank.

  • [+] Democracy By Andrew Sutherland, Version: 2.0.1 This poll plugin is easy to use, install, and manage. It uses AJAX to load data, making it quick and fun to use.
  • [+] Easy Tube By Paul Bain, Version: 1.1 Plugin to easliy place YouTube objects in WordPress Content
  • [+] FeedStats By Andres Nieto Porras and Frank Bueltge, Version: 3.4 Simple statistictool for feeds.
  • [+] Fun with Google Charts By Andrew Rickmann, Version: 0.1 Save Google Chart images to the WordPress Images Folder
  • [+] Google XML Sitemaps By Arne Brachhold, Version: This plugin will generate a sitemaps.org compatible sitemap of your WordPress blog which is supported by Ask.com, Google, MSN Search and YAHOO.
  • [+] Inline PHP By kukukuan, Version: 1.2.2 This plugin lets users write php code in their posts/pages, and the php code will be executed there, and the output will be displayed. Use “<exec>…</exec>” or “[exec ]…[/ exec] “(case sensitive) to quote what you want to execute.
  • [+] Landing sites (de) By The undersigned and Frank Bueltge, Version: 2.62 de Wennn Besucher von einer Suchmaschine auf deine Seite kommen, suchen sie spezifisch nach etwas. Meist durchsuchen sie nur das Suchergebnis. Mit diesem Plugin wird dem Besucher einer Auswahl an relevanten Artikeln deiner Seite angeboten.
  • [+] Lightview Plus By Puzich, Version: 1.1.5 Used to overlay images on the webpage and to automatically add links to images. Lightview by Nick Stakenburg
  • [+] NoFollow Free By Michele Marcucci, Version: 1.4.6 Remove the nofollow tag from your blog’s comments with a lot of options customizable, per user type removal, per comments count removal etc… Supports multilingual and a Top Commenters sidebar Widget.
  • [+] obsocialbookmarker By Rajender Singh, Version: 5.3.3 Add social book mark icons and links at the bottom of each post: bookmarks options includes del.icio.us, reddit, slashdot it, digg, facebook, technorati, google, stumble, windows live, tailrank, bloglines, furl, netscape, yahoo, blinklist, feed me links, co.mments, bloglines, bookmark.it, ask, diggita, mister wong, backflip, spurl, netvouz, diigo, dropjack, segnalo, stumbleupon, simpy, newsvine, slashdot it,wink, linkagogo, rawsugar, fark, squidoo, blogmarks, blinkbits, connotea, smarking, wists, wykop, webride, thisnext, wirefan, taggly, sphere, fleck, tagglede, linkarena, yigg, mixx, hugg, dotnetkicks, blogmemes, bluedot, dzone, friendsite, rojo, bumpzee, indianpad, rec6, linkk, domelhor, eucurti, kudos, popcurrent, kaboodle, plugim, sk*rt, shoutwire, Gabbr, i89, Linkatopia.
  • [+] Pagebar2 By Lutz Schröer, Version: 2.01 Adds an advanced page navigation to WordPress.
  • [+] Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam By Peter Keung, Version: 2.9.8 Stop a lot of spambots from polluting your site by making visitors identify a random word displayed as an image before commenting. You can customize the pool of words to display. Core of the Version 2.0 rewrite by Will Murray.
  • [+] PlugInstaller By Henning Schaefer, Version: 0.2.1 Easy (un)installation of new plugins directly from the admin interface
  • [+] Popularity Contest By Alex King, Version: 1.3b3 This will enable ranking of your posts by popularity; using the behavior of your visitors to determine each post’s popularity. You set a value (or use the default value) for every post view, comment, etc. and the popularity of your posts is calculated based on those values.
  • [+] Redirection By John Godley, Version: 1.7.26 A redirection manager
  • [+] semmelstatz By redunzl semmelmann, Version: 3.0.1 Besucher-Statistik (wird leider nicht mehr weiter entwickelt siehe Kommentar)
  • [+] Simple Tags By Amaury BALMER, Version: 1.5.3 Simple Tags : Extended Tagging for WordPress 2.3 and 2.5 ! Autocompletion, Suggested Tags, Tag Cloud Widgets, Related Posts, Mass edit tags !
  • [+] SlideShareJoost de Valk, Version: 1.0 A plugin WordPress to easily display slideshare.net presentations
  • [+] Subscribe To Comments By Mark Jaquith, Version: 2.1.2 Allows readers to receive notifications of new comments that are posted to an entry. Based on version 1 from Scriptygoddess
  • [+] Usage reader By Webregard.de, Version: 0.1 Plugin to read the logfile from Bot-Trap
  • [+] WP-Ban By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan, Version: 1.20 Ban users by IP, IP Range, host name and referer url from visiting your WordPress’s blog. It will display a custom ban message when the banned IP, IP range, host name or referer url trys to visit you blog. You can also exclude certain IPs from being banned. There will be statistics recordered on how many times they attemp to visit your blog. It allows wildcard matching too.
  • [+] WP-PostRatings By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan, Version: 1.20 Adds an AJAX rating system for your WordPress blog’s post/page.
  • [+] wp-Table By Alex Rabe, Version: 1.52 This plugin is a simple table manager. I didn’t find anything in the web which creates the same result, for my purpose.
  • [+] WP-UserOnline By Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan, Version: 2.20 Enable you to display how many users are online on your WordPress blog with detailed statistics of where they are and who there are(Members/Guests/Search Bots).
  • [+] Zap_NewWindow By Tom Koehler, Version: 1.2 External links in posts (links that refer to other domains) will be automatically opened in a new browser window. No target=”_blank” needed. The code is valide to XHTML Strict.

12 thoughts on “WordPress Plugins dritte Runde

  1. oliver

    Nur der Vollständigkeit halber: WP2.5 wird nur vollständig durch cforms v8+ (aktuell v8.1) unterstützt. Gruss, O.

  2. Alex


    eine ausführliche Plugin-Sammlung, wie ich lesen kann. Nützlich zu hören, dass Semmelstatz weiterentwickelt wird.

    Die restlichen Plugins nutze ich im Grossen und Ganzen teilweise ebenfalls bis auf einige Ausnahmen, wo ich entweder Alternativen nutze oder mich damit noch gar nicht befasst habe.

    Meine Favoriten sind:

    No Follow Free
    All in One SEP Pack
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Subscribe to Comments
    Simple Tags

    Anstatt von ObSocialBookmarker nutze ich den neuen Bookmarking-Dienst bei Seitzeichen.de. Damit kann ich derzeit gut fahren.

    Ansonsten bin ich dafür, dass man die Plugin-Anzahl im eigenen WordPress im Rahmen hält. Es funktioniert ja nicht immer alles, wie man es möchte.


  3. Kevin

    Sieht so aus, als hätten wir da eine einigermaßen ähnliche Selection am Start! Nur WP-Tables kannte ich noch nicht, das sieht sehr vielversprechend aus.

  4. Alex L

    eine nette Zusammenstellung der WP-Plugins. Ich nutze in meinen WordPress-Installationen folgende davon:
    – All in One SEO
    – WP User Online
    – Subscribe to Comments
    – Simple Tags
    – Google XML Sitemaps
    – NoFollow Free
    Einige andere aus der Liste hatte ich mal in der früheren WP-Versionen im Einsatz. In meinem eigenen Blog sind derzeit 70 Plugins in Betrieb, was mich oft vor die Wahl stellt, ob ich nicht etwas ersetzen könnte.

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